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What do I mean by "Human first training"

A form of training that respects how we have evolved to move as homo sapiens over last 300,000 years. No hacks, quick fixes or fad 6 week instant Abs programmes. Training doesn't have to be complicated for you, but it should involve a mindful and educated approach, that appreciates where you are currently at. Meet you there and then build, no matter what the goal is. I work with sports specific and "I want to get out of bed pain free and not in installments" clients. One thing they have in common is the human comes first.

The following bullet points have been created off the 
back of conversations with clients and fellow coaching
professionals. Can you relate to them? If so, contact me to book a discovery call in and lets start the process of better uderstanding your body and creating a sustainable way to approach daily training.

  • You have reached a plateau in your training. 

  • You are experiencing niggles or reoccurring injuries

  • You are in chronic pain. Joint pain, tissue tightness daily.

  • You struggle to sleep and recover day to day.

  • You're sport performance is creating pain or not 

  • You've been going to the chiropractor who claims they can fix you in 15min. 

  • You have experienced the massage therapist that claims they can rub away your problem. But the same area keeps getting "tight"! 

  • You have experienced the physio who gives you the same boring generic "rehab" exercises to do. The nervous system needs to care about the training, it forgot about those exercises a long time ago.

  • Your Coach keeps telling you deadlifts are good for your hips and back but there still tight daily. Deadlifts are not bad, but is your body ready for them?

Movement is everything. If we do not train in a smart way daily then the ability to move freely gets slowly pulled away. I'm not saying my clients aint picking up heavy weight or running fast when appropriate, but there are layers of training that are vital to human health and sports performance long term. I am not claiming to have all the answers or the ability to "fix", but....... from my experience if your experiencing any of the above I could help you. If you are interested in finding out more get in contact or you could follow me on instagram, @move_with_matt.

What can you expect to experience through training with me ?

We will do a top to bottom full body assessment to paint a picture of how you are currently moving. It's really simple. Often clients enjoy this session. The start of a process that allows you to get to know your body better.

I take the guess work out of your training. Maximising what you can get out of the time you spend training. If the training is specific to you, you will see better results short and long term. This approach also addresses the volume problem. Allowing you to be time efficient in the gym. A lot of the training we now see done includes so much "fluff", work that is just making training harder to recover from but not driving any progress.

Mobility training will be one of our focus points. Mobility training is often misunderstood or disregarded. This is a form of strength training. It allows us to address movement restrictions. Allowing you to start to explore a greater freedom of movement and experience the benefits of having more access to you body. More access to your body = a better training experience.

Education is an important part of training. I want you to learn about your body during training. Learn about why your doing the training your doing. This varies in nerdyness, some clients like to get nerdier than others. Empowering people rather than making them feel reliant on me is an important component of my coaching.

We will work together to create a sustainable approach to training. Part of this is me listening to you and us working together as a team. You will also receive a training map on google sheets to guide your training. This map can be used to guide the integration of movement into your day to address joint health, through to a detailed strength training map for a specific sport, this map will be specific to you.

If your a sports specific client we will factor the demands of your specific sport in. Working to obtain qualities that will enhance performance in your specific sport. Strength training is a recognised science for a reason, you will be rewarded for smart and specific training. 

What changes can you
expect to experience ?
  • Improved freedom of movement

  • Better quality of life

  • Joints that will last you a life time

  • Play the sports you love pain free and for longer

  • Strength improvements specific to you

  • Creating a sustainable approach to daily training

  • Pain free movement (we don't stop here). We want strong pain free movement.

  • Improved movement awareness and confidence

  • Better sleep, many people suffer with poor sleep unfortunately, this can be impacted by breathing or movement pain.

  • The ability to control your breathing to enhance daily human performance.

I can take the
guess work out
of your training.
Functional Range Systems:

Whether your goal is a pain free not pinchy hip or addressing chronic lower back pain. Maybe you want to take sporting performance to another level but keep suffering the same niggles. 

Through utilising the human first (internal strength) approach that this system is built on. I have the confidence to say to clients I believe I can help you, not fix everything, the "fixing" culture is a problem in health and human performance. But I can help.

We will find and train your weeknesses and blind spots till they are no more. Then we train to take your daily movement, training and or sporting performance to new levels. 

You can check out Functional Range systems here.

Train your weeknesses and blind spot to address restriction and move
pain free.

Get in touch:


Where you can find me:

Coaching out of:
Profound Fitness
Unit 4G Lansbury Estates Ltd, 102 Lower Guildford Road, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey, GU21 2EP

Alton Sports Centre
Chawton Park Road
GU34 1ST

Remote sessions are available
I can travel to you, please get in contact regarding this service for
1 on 1 coaching, classes for clubs and workshops. 



Here is a chance to read feedback from a few of my clients. 


I have known Matt for many years and for the last 18 months he has been giving me one to one training in nasal breathing techniques and advice on fitness to go along with this.      I have been asthmatic as a child and this new technique has been extremely helpful in my job with stresses and strains and due to covid, wearing a mask for at least 8 hours a day. Getting enough sleep has been a problem for me, but being able to use the new breathing to go back to sleep on waking is invaluable.     Matt is extremely good encouraging and positive advice. He has always been available when I have needed extra help. He is passionate about this technique and fitness and is keen to pass on his knowledge and does so effectively. The depth that he has gone to in his studies is quite amazing and he can give very good, clear and practical instructions, even from the beginning.     I am very greatfull for his advice and teaching.



Since starting training sessions with Matt I have seen my overall strength and technique improve dramatically. He is excellent at explaining new exercises and complex lifts by breaking them down into simple steps, so that they are easy to master.      I now feel more confident to attempt these lifts on my own, knowing I have better technique. I enjoyed the joint and mobility work we have done which has helped both my strength and flexibility when running and cycling. My back and hip strength improved significantly and reduced a lot of pain I was feeling on the bike over long distances. Matt has exceptional knowledge and introduces training methods that are individual to your needs. He is very experienced, helpful and fun to train with.



Our son has been working with Matt for sometime now and we can't rate him highly enough. He is great with our teenager and totally gets what he needs, both in terms of exercises for his fitness and hypermobility, and also in motivating Ollie.       Matt's breadth of knowledge and passion for his subject matter of movement within fitness is phenomenal. And on top of that he's a genuinely lovely guy. You can't ask for more really!



How frequently do you advise clients come to you?

Their is no 1 size fits all approach. Some clients will see me weekly some bi-weekly some monthly, some less frequently than that.
I appreciate there are various factors at play, regarding how frequently clients can attend sessions. I will do my best, with you to formulate an approach that you can benefit from. 

I want you to progress in your movement journey, I will not prescribe something with the view to just obtaining another weekly client.
I want us to work together to create those changes. So I couldn't make a gross comment on frequency without meeting you, chatting and watching you move.

What are the goals of people you coach?

Goals from pain free movement, people of all ages. Getting people out of pain through driving changes in movement behavior. You can create incredible changes in day to day movement feels, through intelligent movement prescription. Its how we create long term change within the body, movement.   

Through to people who want to perform better in their sport or training, or a combination of goals. 

Do you coach the technique of movements frequently use in training or in sport?

The work I do is designed to directly improve sports and other training performance. So when your coach cues you to execute a movement your body is more prepared for the shapes you have to get into to execute your sport or training specific movement.

I have previously been a Crossfit coach so have experience coaching different types of movement patterns. I'm always up for educating clients about how they can improve the use of movements they may use in their fav movement practice.     

Is this the same as Personal Training?

Personal training has been under valued through an apparent lack of understanding regarding the complexity of human movement. If we want to be able to enjoy a high quality of life for years to come, be able to enjoy the things we love, how we do our movement practice is important.
I see a lot of random prescription of movements. Maybe the latest thing on the internet given to a client and people picking up niggles and injuries because their body isn't prepared for the movements. 

Learning is a massive part of training. I coach people with a view to empower, not make people feel reliant on me.
Training doesn't have to be complicated, but learning about your body and why your doing what your doing, doesn't only give people a solid why to back up what their doing. It also creates opportunities for knowledge sharing and personal progression, for you and me. 

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