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Book a Discovery Call


Book a 30min video or voice call. An opportunity to ask any questions you may have before committing. My training is packaged the following way because it gets people results. I don't coach more than 10 people that haven't been with me for more than 6 months at any one time. This allows me to provide quality coaching to you. I don't block book clients back to back to back. I have a minimum 15min, often more between clients, to ensure the next person gets the same quality as the previous.

Do you want to.........

  • explore a new way of training

  • move pain free? 

  • Train pain free?

  • Recover/ sleep better?

  • Get stronger and more mobile? yes you can have both!

  • Create a sustainable progressive appraoch to training?


Book a discovery call through Calendly below, any questions.....  call 07584010620, oDM on instagram move_with_matt 


Movement assesment:

How do we know where to take future training sessions without an assessment?
The session allows us to assess:

  • Clients often enjoy this session. It reveals why they are feeling the pain they feel, why they are feeling restriction, why sporting and training performance might have stagnated.

  • This is an opportunity for me to start the process of learning about you. Your movement history, your training experience is important information.

  • Through observing you move I can paint a vivid picture of how you currently move. Allowing the training map we create, to be specific to you and your requirements.
    If we are not assessing we're guessing. Guessing and doing random training gets people frustrated and injured. Our body deserves the accurate and specific approach we give to other area of our lives.


As a Coach I strive to create a better coaching model. A model that educates and allows me to work with you to create a sustainable progressive approach to training.

If you don't know what we are working towards in training currently, or you don't know why we do the training we are doing, then I am not doing my job. 

You will receive a google sheets doc after our first session. The training map will guide you from different point As to point Bs. Point A example, a restricted left hip. Point B example: pain free un restricted hip. As our work together evolves so will the Point A and point B to create a holistic whole body approach to your training.

Clients enjoy this process of revealing their point A then working towards point B. Enjoying the process is important, it's not everthing, picking training movements just because they are fun results in injury or frustration. We want a balance between specific training, and a rewarding, enjoyable process. The part people often enjoy the most is the results that training specific them brings.

In person or remote sessions include:

  • Strength training specific to you.

  • ​Potentially strength training to address pain and restriction.

  • Building Functional mobility = more usable ranges of motion, freedom to move.

  • Joint training to cultivate joints that last a life time.

  • Conditioning training, this can range from breath work whilst walking, through to utlising breath control to enhance sporting performance.

  • Creating training that builds a robust body that adapts well to daily life, whatever that involves for you.

I take on a specific amount of clients so I can deliver on the above mentioned. I don't block book back to back to back sessions. 



Optional: Breath work

I have seen how breath work can benefit clients in different ways since integrating it into my coaching a few years ago. From improved sleep, to improved movement quality, through to the ability to adapt to daily stressors better. The aim is to create not just a seated practice as pictured, but a breath practice that is versatile and personalised to you. 

We don't have to do Breath work specific sessions as breath control is incorporated into all the coaching I do in some way, shape or form.

I have clients who use breath work to enhance sporting performance. Through to clients who struggle to sleep. Maybe it's a bit of both.

How we breathe has a profound affect on how our body functions. I address 
breath work like any other aspect of training withe the view to create long term changes that stick, not a short term hack, there is no hack when it comes to human body. Just smart hard work.

Remote work allows us to make training more accessible. If your stuggling to get to gym or maybe you prefer to train from home. I am able to adapt training to meet you where your currently at. Taking into consideration the training kit and space that you have access to. I have clients that have home gyms, I have clients that have access to a yoga mat and their living room floor. You can drive incredible changes with minimal amounts to no kit. As you learn how to manipulate different shapes, sometimes simple little adjustments in the angle we are training a joint will change the feel of what we are doing completely. The fundamentals are often missed in training, if all we have access to in training is the ability to change positions and train at different angles, it can
encourage us to explore and therefore find the blind spots we didn't even know existed. Often training these blind spots in the quiet of our home allows us to create the changes that allow us to address pain feels and restrictions. Work that lays the foundation for all other movement we do.


Remote sessions

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