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Joint health and how we breathe is vital to our health and human performance:

Below is a couple of examples of low hanging fruit that we could all integrate into our movement practice. 

Any questions on these subjects, again, please feel free to get in contact via email or phone number.

Thank you for your time.


Aerobic Efficiency, a start:

Same as any change we seek to drive through our training, there is no quick hack. Time spent consciously controlling our breathing in different situations will start to create profound changes in how our body functions. 
Starting simple with anything new in training creates a great environment to learn. This approach allows us to prioritise education and learning. Breath control
In the below video I talk you through a static breath practice and a movement based practice.
Take your time, you will likely have to move slower when moving, try to pay attention to the feels. How does the breath in and out feel? Do you feel in control? What changes do you notice as you spend more time working on your breathing.

How we breathe matters, the same as how we move matters. Efficient breathing allows us to use oxygen well, allowing our body to function better .

If you would like to elaborate and discuss the tasting notes please feel free to reach out. 

C.A.Rs: controlled articular rotations:

The only way to keep a joint healthy is to move it. Joint training is a vital part of my Strength Coaching. Both reclaiming function to enable people to move pain free and building super joints for sports performance.

The below video will talk you through a small session of CARs.
CARs: controlled articular rotations are a versatile movement tool. CARs allow us to build up joint health and maintain the space that forms our joints.

As you get a little bit more confident with the execution of the movements you can start to self assess how your joints are moving.
Exploring the outer limits of what you can currently explore, joint by joint, allows deep tissue that forms our joints to feel the movement.
As you explore each movement, asking the joint your moving to express movement through its outer limits. You are painting a vivid picture of joint movement in your brain. 
The only way to maintain the ability to move well, is through movement. If we don't explore our outer limits of movement, mindfully challenging our body. Then over time, through the lifestyles we now lead, the ability to move well starts to get pulled away from us. Then pain and restricted movement starts to emerge. 

Movement is everything, a mindful movement practice can firstly maintain health and the ability to feel good when we move. Also lead to the ability to reach performance goals in different walks of life, from office to sporting field.
Any tasting notes you would like to discuss regarding these simple (not easy) movements, please feel free to reach out. I know, CARs seem so simple on the surface, but they are sneaky hard and often humbling. 

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