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Meet Matt:

Hi, I work one on one with people and also deliver group classes and workshops to help people develop awareness of their bodies and to improve how they move.  Movement assessment allows me to see how you’re moving, to identify exactly what you need and to meet you where you are at the moment. Following this, sessions and homework can be designed individually to improve your fundamental movement which will carry over to everything you do.


As a coach I have a keen interest in human performance; through breathwork and movement, my aim is to improve response and adaptation to stressors involved in daily life. This will look different for everyone, but the approach of the human first always applies.


Whatever your goal, improving human performance applies to 24 hours a day. Whether the aim is pain-free movement, improved sleep or a more efficient golf swing. I will take the most holistic approach that I can.


I also have a keen interest in a wide range of sports; but cricket is my main passion. I love seeing people improve their movement capacity and how this transfers over to skill learning in training and performance on game day. 

FRSISM Functional Range systems internal strength coach, FRC: functional range conditioning and FRA: functional range assessment: These 3 certifications form the majority of my mobility and strength coaching. Allowing me to assess and then based off that assessment effectively coach and train. 

FR, functional release non thoerapist:  upper limb and spine. These are manual therapy courses through which I have learned how to palpate more effectively, to allow better cueing and feedback as my clients move.

Art of Breath 101 and 101v2 and The skill of stress: these courses and the work of the people at Shift Adapt forms the backbone of the breath control work I do.

PT level 3: completing this qualification gave me an insight into a part of the health and fitness industry. 

National Diploma in sports performance and excellence: allowed a base knowledge to be formed at a young age.

I engage in CPD work on a continuous basis. The functional range system qualifications run way deeper than the initial qualifications and I am always looking to further my knowledge on the impact breath control has on human performance and behavior.

Coming from a place of learning rather than knowing as a practitioner. When I engage with content I feel can add to what I can offer as a practitioner. I will give it time and see how it can integrate into what I already offer.

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