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Please feel free to reach out and contact me
via the below email and contact number.
We can discuss goals via message, video or phone call
and if we both consider it a good fit. 
We can get a session booked in.

Coaching out of:

Unit 4G Lansbury Estates Ltd, 102 Lower Guildford Road, Knaphill, Woking, Surrey, GU21 2EP

Espirit de Corps Crossfit-
3/4 Coombers Buildings, Mill Ln, Alton GU34 2QG

The Shed Gym, Farnham Rugby Club-
Monkton Ln, Farnham GU9 9ND

Online (remote) sessions are available and I can also travel to you. Local for listed sessions. Longer distance for workshops or custom bookings.

Contact Details:


Why would you book in ?

  • If your seeking to address pain feels when you move. Pain free movement.

  • Reclaim your ability to move well or improve your ability to move even better. Improve anything from sporting performance to the ability to go on longer walks.

  • Enhance the ability to be stronger in a range of positions allowing you to adapt to the daily movements you love to do. Strength training. 

  • Build aerobic efficiency, through breath control. From static (seated) breathwork to working at higher intensity.

    The above are what I would consider low hanging fruit. We can keep the learning of these attributes or skills simple and get as complex as you want to. The approach differs for everyone. The initial goal, to meet you where you are currently at, then build.

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