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Do you coach the technique of movements frequently use in training or in sport?

The work I do is designed to carry over to your sport, so you can get the most out of it. When your coach cues you to do something your body is more prepared for the shapes you have to get into to execute your sporting movement.

I have previously been a Crossfit coach so have experience coaching different types of movement patterns.  I love working with people to help them get the most out of movements and equipment they may currently use in training.
When it comes to sports specific skills. I do have experience within cricket and play other sports, but I would like to think I know when to stay in my lane.


What are the goals of people you coach?

Goals from pain free movement, people of all ages. Getting people out of pain through driving changes in movement behavior. You can create incredible changes in day to day movement feels, through intelligent movement prescription. Its how we create long term change within the body, movement.
Through to people who want to perform better in their sport or training, or a combination of goals. 

How does this work relate to
having a PT (personal trainer)

You could consider my 1 on 1 services as how I perceive personal training should be presented. I feel it has been under valued through a lack of understanding, regarding human movement and how important movement is. If we want to be able to enjoy a high quality of life for years to come, be able to enjoy the things we love, our movement practice is important.
Through a movement assessment and a holistic approach to training we can be specific with how we approach your movement practice. 
I see a lot of random prescription of movements. Maybe the latest thing on the internet given to a client and people picking up niggles and injuries because their body isn't prepared for the movements.

Learning is a massive part of training. I coach people with a view to empower, not make people feel reliant on me.
This doesn't have to be complicated, but learning about your body and why your doing certain movements, doesn't only give people a solid why, to back up what their doing. It also creates opportunities for knowledge sharing and personal progression, for you and me. 

How frequently do you advise clients come to you?

Their is no 1 size fits all approach. Some clients will see me weekly some bi-weekly some monthly, some less frequently than that.
I appreciate there are various factors at play, regarding how frequently clients can attend sessions. I will do my best, with you to formulate an approach that you can benefit from. 

I want you to progress in your movement journey, I will not prescribe something with the view to just obtaining another weekly client.
I want us to work together to create those changes. So I couldn't make a gross comment on frequency without meeting you, chatting and watching you move.

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