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Mobility and Breathwork: The Foundation


This one of purchase has been created to help you start to lay the foundations of a progressive approach to training mobility and building breath practice. Mobility content includes training using Functional Range Systems. The content in this package is directed at building the foundation of a mobility practice. This does not mean the sessions included are easy. It means we target specific qualities that will build the foundation to evolving this practice long term. Things you can expect to experience: -a reduction in aches, pains and tightness -improved ability to express strength in different positions -injury mitigation -through breath control developing aerobic efficiency and capacity. -improved sleep and recovery through developing a breathing practice -healthier joints and tissue, through planning ahead with the training you do today. -improved ability to adapt to daily movement Things you can expect to Learn: - what is effective, progressive mobility training - where to start with your mobility practice and why - why mobility training is so important - why mobility work is strength work - why becoming aware of our breathing is important - how to start training your breathing - the benefits of having a breath control practice - prioritising the low hanging fruit in training is vital - why building the body up from the deepest layers out is important.


MWM: Build the Base, £49.00


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