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Coaching: Class options:

Classes are a great option to help enhance your current movement practice in a group environment. A good chance to meet new people and share the experience with like-minded people.  I’ve seen people make good progress doing one class a week, and even better improvements with the addition of simple homework that helps to drive long-term change.


Within these classes, we will spend time moving mindfully, exploring different positions and movements. You can make the session as relaxed or intense as you want, and as you become more experience you will feel better able to control this.

I coach classes in person currently to members of a rugby club, health and fitness club and Crossfit box. If you are a member of a local sports club , gym or Crossfit box and are interested in my services please reach out and we can discuss how these classes could benefit your community. Remote classes are also an option if you are not local to me.


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